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Time Clock

“An accurate and true picture of you labor costs is essential in running any business.  Bases on the comments and suggestions from our clients, accountants and human resource personnel, we have the most powerful report package in the industry.


Payroll Reports selection:

  • Payroll Liability Report
  • Payroll Register
  • Payroll Register Totals
  • Payroll UI Totals
  • Employee Deduction Report
  • Employee Earnings*
  • Bank Reconciliation Report
  • Employee HR Report
  • CAF Payroll Totals
  • CAF Payroll Register
  • Certified Payroll Report
  • DD Vouchers
  • DD Register
  • Job Costing*
  • Labor Distribution Report
  • Payroll Worksheet
  • Worker’s Compensation Report
  • Tips Report (credit & allocation)
  • Department Earnings Report*
  • Department Report*
  • Employee Deduction Report*
  • Employee Time Card Labels
  • General Ledger Report*
  • Missing New Hire Information Report
* Indicates “detail and summary versions available”

Check Register
Our check register (payroll register) details by employee the current period, MTD, QTD, YTD payroll data,  Also a “mini” employee master file, it shows pertinent personnel data – employee address, filing status, last pay change, hire date, employee number and home department.  No other payroll provider offers a payroll register this comprehensive and easy-to-read.

Labor Distribution Report
We offer a robust labor distribution system to its clients at no additional charge.  The business owner/manager is provided a quick outline of total payroll cost (gross wages + employer taxes) for each department, location, or job as well as company total.  Employee wages, employee hours, and employer taxes are distributed to the applicable unit worked for MTD, QTD, YTD, and current pay period.

Workers’ Compensation Report
Our report can be fun for any range of dates, including dates that span calendar quarters or years.  Employees can work in numerous compensation classifications in a given pay period.  We take into consideration subject wages, exempt wages, overtime premiums, w/c rates and your experience modification to compute your actual liability.  Many clients simply attach their insurance payment to our report and submit it to their carrier each premium period.

Issued Check Report
Truly a rear find as a standard report.  Simplify your bank reconciliation process with our single line entry of all checks and debit transactions on your payroll account.  For even greater time savings, let us forward it directly to your accountant.

Pay Type Summaries
Let us set-up automatic summary reports that detail by employee a specific pay or deduction type.  These reports are useful tools for data collection on health insurance and uniform deductions, commissions paid, or whatever you needs may be.  Historical data by month, quarter and year are presented as well as the current pay period.

Journal Entry Report
We simply the process of posting your payroll to your financial records by using our journal entry report.  It uses your company’s chart of account numbers and accounting software.

Employee Earnings Record
Termination and loan request forms can consume hours of your day in manual tallies of pay records. Call us or print from our system an employee's pay history report, which provides check numbers, wages, deductions, and hours worked details by pay period. An earnings record can be run for any range of dates.

Standard and optional ~ More Reports
NEXPAY offers over 40 standard reports with dozens of variations.  For clients with unique reporting needs, we offer a powerful custom report writer option to develop custom reports.  We write and process the reports for you or use the PC software options.  Our PC Clients can add custom report writer to their software package which offers the option to customize the employee master file with up to 40 user-defined fields and much more.



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